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Dress Chronicles: Episode 5

June 7, 2012 Leave a comment

Thus begins my first adventure in zippering!

  1. Discover that I’d forgotten to buy zippers.
  2. Go buy zippers for the 3 dresses.
  3. Discover that I don’t have a zipper foot.
  4. Go buy a zipper foot – all I can find is an “adjustable zipper foot” – close enough?
  5. Baste (temp stitch) zipper to dress.
  6. Get K to try dress on.

    Basted zipper

    Looks like I need to take in the top a ways (zipper isn’t properly sewn in yet)

  7. Discover that I need to take it in by a couple of inches.
  8. Remove zipper, re-press back seam to take in by 1″ on each side at the top, tapering to the bottom of the seam.
  9. Baste zipper back in, try on again.
  10. Install adjustable zipper foot and sew in zipper according to instructions in the foot’s package.
  11. Looks pretty scruffy and sticks in a few spots – ask the lazywebs (via Facebook status update) for tips.
  12. Check out a great tutorial recommended in response to my request.
  13. Discover that I was trying to install a regular zipper with an invisible zipper foot.
  14. Go buy 3 invisible zippers.
  15. Discover that invisible zippers don’t come in the right length.
  16. Decide to go with the shorter one – it’s about the length of the bodice, and the waist is the widest point for preschoolers/toddlers (despite what the pattern would have you believe…).
  17. Baste the new zipper in.
  18. Sew the new zipper in.  Much better!
  19. Hand sew the lining down along the zipper and around the base of the bodice/top of the skirt.
  20. Realize that I’d forgotten to sew in the back of the shoulder strap, so do that by hand too.

Lessons learned and plans for next dress:

  • Sewing a regular zipper with an invisible zipper foot doesn’t work too well
  • Invisible zippers look way better
  • I think I might try to do the zipper on the bodice before sewing it to the skirt next time to reduce the amount of hand-sewing for the lining
  • Definitely planning to sew down the back of the shoulder strap before sewing down the lining