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Dress Chronicles: Episode 1

May 25, 2012 Leave a comment

My brother-in-law (T) is getting married this summer.  K is going to be one of three flower girls.  T’s fiancée (D) is very particular about the look for the girls’ dresses – colour and style.  Since all three are small (K, at 4, is the oldest), these dresses won’t be getting a lot of use, and since I’m off work for the summer, I suggested that I could help with shopping (since K’s last flower-girl-dress was found on super-sale at Zellers) or failing that, I could make something.

So I did some shopping back in March/April.  No luck finding anything in the colour or style she wanted, let alone both.  So I looked up some patterns, made some suggestions, and she picked Simplicity 3943-H.  After a roundabout adventure in getting it, we went fabric shopping and I got to work on K’s dress.  First because she’s the biggest, but also because if I mess anything up I’d rather it be on hers than either of the others.

Did I mention that I’ve never sewn from a pattern before?

Or installed a zipper?

Or sewn anything beyond some basic repairs & simple pieces for myself, with mixed results?


The pattern came in, and D and I went fabric shopping.  She found something that was “perfect”, so we bought it and held off on lining & netting, since I had enough left over from a (failed) earlier project to do the first dress.

Materials for Flower Girl dresses

Flower girl dresses: Step 0.1 – Materials!