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Planting time

Started getting things in the ground on the weekend, and am trying to get a few more in each day this week.  So far we have:

Planter Box 1:

  • Sage (from last year)
  • Oregano (from the garden centre)
  • Thyme (from seed)
  • Rosemary (from the garden centre)

Planter Box 2:

  • Beets (planted seeds a couple weeks ago, but mostly dug up by squirrels already)
  • Swiss Chard (from seed)
  • Carrots (from seed)
  • Chives (from last year)

Mega Planter Box:

  • Scarlet Runner Beans (seeds)
  • Snow Peas (seeds)
  • Green Beans (seeds)
  • Pumpkin (from seed – K’s choice)
  • Lupins (from seed – K’s choice)

Misc. Pots & Baskets:

  • Tomatillo (from garden centre)
  • Cherry Tomatoes (from seed)
  • Cayenne Peppers (from seed)
  • More Swiss Chard (from seed)
  • Mint (from garden centre – what on earth would I do with all the mint I could grow from one packet???)

New bed #1:

  • Beefsteak tomato (from garden centre)

Still in the kitchen, waiting to be planted:

  • More tomatillos (from garden centre)
  • More cherry tomatoes (from seed)
  • More beefsteak tomatoes (from garden centre)
  • Oxheart tomato (from garden centre)
  • Mystery tomato (from a friend)
  • Scotch Bonnet peppers (from garden centre)
  • More cayenne peppers (from seed)
  • Explosive ember pepper (from a friend)
  • Purple bell pepper (from garden centre)
  • Several varieties of marigold (from garden centre)
  • Tons of basil & thai basil (from seed)
  • Spinach (from seed, though not much sprouted)
  • More thyme (from seed)

I’m also considering picking up a couple of blueberry bushes for the back – by the time there’s significant yield, K and C2 will; be able to help with the harvest.

Eventually I’m planning on doing much more from seed than from starters, but time and space and practice will define what I end up growing in the long term.  For example, if bunnies/squirrels/raccoons/other critters get all my beets and carrots again this year, I won’t bother again until I have some kind of critter repellent for the yard.

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